More and more Small to Medium sized businesses are migrating to cloud-based storage, a new practice management software, or other services and applications. Whether you have a multi-location practice or just want to be able to work from home, moving to a cloud solution allows easy access to your data or software without having to rely on a server or network.

Cloud solutions are now less of a "Sometime In the future" and more of a "Need it NOW".

See how EarneyIT's team can manage your cloud needs:

  • Migrate your business to a cloud solution - Having IT professionals with years of experience and having done many migrations in the past, we will make this process easier than you could ever imagine.
  • Prioritize Security in the cloud - Your business' need for security grows exponentially when your applications and data are held in the cloud. Let us help ease your mind with our stack of advanced security software and a team that is certified from multiple vendors in the cybersecurity field.
  • Maintain connectivity to the cloud - With the help of our technology partners, we can make sure your downtime is as minimal as possible with redundant internet connections at a low cost so that you never lose access to your data in the cloud while in the workspace.